Getting involved

How to join the chorus.

Regular Chorus rehearsals Take place every Wednesday evening in Carlton. If you would like to join us in the limelight, there are two to three new member intakes per year, typically at the start of a new rehearsal cycle following a major concert. Please email to enquire. The Chorus welcomes both singing and non-singing members.

As you might expect Chorus members come from all sorts of backgrounds, ages, interests, and levels of musical experience, but whether beginners or old hands, we all enjoy singing and performing. What follows should give you a pretty good idea of who we are, what we do and how we go about it.



A couple of times during the year, usually after a major concert, those interested in joining are invited to attend rehearsals to participate, see what we do, and decide if they’d enjoy singing in the Chorus. There is a simple voice assessment which involves pitch and rhythm exercises to ensure a basic ability to follow a tune and to confirm vocal section placement.

Membership of the chorus is very affordable, and some concessions are available.


What does a season look like?

Usually the Chorus has two or three major concerts a year. Ticket sales are our major income to cover costs, ensure stability and growth, and to support the next concert or special project (such as a major tour, merchandise, CDs or new equipment). We also perform at a number of community events during the year, and are part of a wider G&L choral network getting together with interstate (and sometimes overseas) friends for joint concerts, workshops and festivals.

We rehearse weekly on Wednesday evenings and sometimes also have sectional practice on material we can’t cover adequately at full rehearsals. These occasional extra sessions are arranged for when most of a section can attend.

The Chorus also has a commitment to its members which is to strive for musical excellence by promoting musical skills and providing a welcoming, enjoyable and supportive environment for learning and performance. Through all this we seek to entertain, inspire and enrich our communities. That’s our ‘vision’ or mission statement which all sounds pretty good!

Sometimes we use musical instruments or percussion in addition to the piano to accompany songs, so if you have skills in this area, let us know as we may be able to use those talents too! Of course, we also often perform ‘a cappella’, that is, with no musical accompaniment… just a beautiful blending of voices!

Apart from some enjoying supper after rehearsals at a nearby café in Carlton, the Chorus has an active social life too! We do bowls, movie and show nights, trivia events, chocolate drives, car rallies, Carols singing (December of course) and a Christmas BBQ picnic. A yearly highlight is also a fun weekend Camp for intensive rehearsals and maybe some skills workshops, summer camp style.

See you at rehearsal!



If you’d rather help out behind the scenes, then why not volunteer?

We are often looking for volunteers to help with concerts, social events and community outreach. If you could sell tickets, or show take tickets at the door, be a roadie, or a stagehand then we would welcome the help. Please email to enquire.