Upcoming Events


A Little Queer Music
6 May 2017
3pm and 7:30pm
Church of All Nations, 180 Palmerston St CARLTON

shOUT Youth Chorus is proud to be presenting A Little Queer Music on Saturday 6th May 2017. This concert is a celebration of creativity, community, queer culture, diversity and harmony.

shOUT will be singing music created or made famous by queer people throughout the past century, including songs from a variety of genres- pop, jazz, blues, musical theatre and more.

Under the musical direction of Jaclyn Lanera, shOUT have worked hard to create a varied program that not only celebrates queer artists, but also the various creative talents within the chorus
– from aspiring conductors, arrangers, accompanists, choreographers, soloists, instrumentalists, graphic designers and more!

Don’t forget to bring your friends, family or even a date to A Little Queer Music on Saturday 6th May!



A Change Is Gonne Come
24 June 2017
3pm and 7:30pm
Deakin Edge, Federation Square

Throughout history, music has always been powerful in galvanizing, motivating and strengthening communities of marginalized peoples.

Civil Rights, anti-war, Women’s Liberation and the LGBTIQ fight for equal rights are just a few social movements where music and song have played a crucial role.

Come join MGLC and the shOUT Youth Chorus as we take you on a journey showcasing iconic, stirring and beautiful songs from protest movements of the past and present; and songs of inspiration and triumph in the face of adversity. A Change Is Gonna Come promises to be a wonderfully poignant and uplifting musical experience for all.